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Get Cash for Your Wine Collection FAST

Dear Wine Lover,

Choosing a wine collection buyer isn’t easy. Why? Because you’re bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information from ridiculously over-priced wine brokers who give you prices all over the map.  They try to cherry pick your best wines, or take WEEKS to get back to you with a wine quote. How do you ever find a qualified, competent professional wine collection buyer? Well, you can start by emailing us your wine collection spreadsheet in the “submit form” to the right of this webpage. No waiting for weeks, no talking to an oblivious, gangly sales person, and no time-wasting barricades. You’ll get your wine collection quote FAST.  We’ve already purchased thousands of wine collections from savvy wine collectors just like you.

Who we are:

At the Wine Buyers Purchasing Group, we help wine collection owners sell and ship their entire wine collections quickly and effortlessly, faster than using red-tape-laden, wine broker middle-men profit killers.  And we do it way more effortlessly and more comprehensively  than clunky auction sites.

Why sell your wine collection to Wine Buyers Purchasing Group?

  • Our highly accurate, proprietary and patented wine bidding system allows us to quote wine collections rapidly and with pinpoint accuracy.  Then we manually check each result, just in case.  No red tape, no waiting, and no games.  You can make a decision instantly, sell your wine, and pocket your money quickly.
  • Our decades of experience in  wine collection purchasing means you’ll get white-glove service throughout the process.  You’ll get quick answers and get the ability to make an informed decision that you are confident in.
  • Forget nickle and diming.  Forget cherry-picking your best wines.  We  buy your entire collection at once, so you aren’t left with the hard-to-sell wines.  You don’t have to be embarrassed and humiliated, spending weeks and months begging different vendors  to buy the wines you’ve invested in and nurtured for years.
  • We use an extremely reputable escrow service so your transactions are protected by a secure third party, ensuring that you cover your assets confidently.  You can sleep well knowing that your wines are protected not only by Wine Buyers Purchasing Group, but also by a third party escrow service that millions of people use every year.
  • We can help you with the packaging and shipping of your wine so you don’t have to worry about being an expert shipper.  And you won’t have to bite your nails worrying that your valuable cargo is going to break or soak the labels on the way to their final destination.

Definitely NOT Your Ordinary Wine Drinker:

Hello.  My name is Kevin Preble and I’m the proud owner of the Wine Buyers Purchasing Group.  I created this business because I love fine wine and I love working with other like-minded wine aficionados.  So I make the wine selling process effortless, fast, and equitable for fine wine collection sellers, because that’s the way I like to be dealt with.

Sound fair enough?

Call us or email us right now with your wine collection.  Or better yet, send a spreadsheet of it to us instantly, using the submit form to the right of this page.  We’ll respond quickly with a quote that you’ll be happy with.  You can also visit our sister website, to learn more about us.

Send us a spreadsheet of your wine collection in the form to the right now.

Or if you have more questions:

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